Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 types of food loose weight efficiently in autumn

The following 6 types of food are very helpful in removing residuals, especially fat in body. From now on you should refer to know what kind of fruit can help you have a well proportioned body in autumn.

1. Seaweed
Beside rich in Vitamin A, B1 and B2, Seaweed also contains large amount amounts of fibrous matter and many other minerals which help the body excrete the waste substance. Thus, the fall is a great time for you to use the seaweed soup to lose weight to have a well proportioned body in autumn.

Contains vitamin that is good for the body. Especially, papaya contains enzyme which is helpful for digestion and digests high protein food more easily (For example the high protein from meat). Therefore, it is the best way to choose papaya as product to loose weight effectively in autumn.

3.Red Beans 
Red Beans is extremely rich in nutrients, including many minerals and vitamins. Moreover, the red beans has high levels of vitamin B, which can increase large intestine peristalsis; very good for urinary tract and relieve constipation; help the body eliminate the residue and reduce the relative large amount of fat in body.

Tea is considered one of the great losing weight products. In particular this is the product to loose weight effectively in the fall. After the meal, you drink a cup of tea to remove the fat in the diet, which consume relatively large amounts of energy.

5. Bananas 
Although bananas have high calories but contain less fat, rich kali. Eat more bananas good for digestion; reduce fat accumulation in the body. Generally, banana is the ideal fruit help you to loose weight in autumn.

Apple is a magic pill for your beauty, which help you lose weight very efficient.  Apples contain malic acid that can accelerate the metabolism and reduce fat in body. Also, apple contains more calcium than other fruits and can reduce the amount of salt helps the body to prevent swelling. In autumn, you can consider the apple is useful fruit to loose weight.

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