Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 simple ways for breast cancer prevention

Approximately 30% of cases getting breast cancer are suspected due to obesity. Meanwhile, a regular walking about 12 minutes a day can help you reduce the risk of getting the disease by 18%.
The Sun offers some suggestions to help you reduce the risk of getting breast cancer as follows:

1. Eating less red meat
According to a research conducted by Harvard Medicine University (America) with over 90.000 female, women who eat much red meat have double high risk to get the breast cancer. The red meat contains amino acid that stimulates the insulin content, whereas high content of insulin in blood relates to the breast cancer

The processed meats such as ham and hotdog also have connection with this disease because they contain sodium salt that can cause the cancer

2. Giving birth before the age of 30
Women, who have no children or give the first baby after the age of 30, get high risk of the breast cancer. Experts believe that giving birth relates to this disease because it reduces number of the menstrual cycles in the lifetime of women.
Professor Dame Valerie Beral, used to do the research on the breast cancer, said that: “I have already understood why so many people died because of this disease. We all know the main reasons are giving birth or having no children.

3. Regular walking
Many scientists had already confirmed the effect of walking on the women’s health. In addition, this simple kind of exercise is very useful in preventing the breast cancer. However, the experts do not come into agreement on how much time is enough.
A research indicated that fast walking in one or two hours per week can reduce 18% of the risk of getting the disease. If you walk about 10 hours per week, it will bring more effectiveness.

4. Olive oil
Your dinner with a little olive oil can help prevent the cancer. The Spanish researchers realized that olive oil can attack the ulcers, limit the development of them and protect AND. Doctor Eduard Escrich, the leader of the research said that 10 spoons of pure olive oil every day can give effectiveness.

5. Losing weight
Approximately 30% of cases getting breast cancer are suspected due to obesity. Among 45.000 breast cancer cases diagnosed in England every year, the experts of the International Cancer Research Institution believe that more than 14.000 women will not get this disease if they lose weight.
Doctor Rachel Thompson, the World Cancer Research Fund, said that: “women can prevent the disease by doing exercise regularly and eat less fat.

6. Breastfeeding
Some researches showed that the breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially, if the women give breastfeeding from 18 months to 2 years. Because it reduces number of the menstrual cycles in the lifetime of women.

7. No wine.
Wine has a high risk leading to the breast cancer. Only drinking a cup of wine also increases the risk of getting the disease. Women who drink more, the risk of getting disease is about 1.5 times higher than those who not drink wine.
Researchers in Italy also indicated that the survival rate of the patients with breast cancer without drinking wine is 90%, but it will decrease down to only 65% if women drink a cup of wine per day.

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