Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips for eliminating the smell of onion in hands

After every time cooking, the smell of onion often sticks in your hands and make you uncomfortable. 5 things in your kitchen can eliminate the smell of onion quickly.

1. Salt
Put a tablespoon of salt into your palm and then add a little water. Use this mixture to rub hands and then wash your hands with water. Salt not only helps eliminate onion, but also has effect of exfoliating dead skin for beautiful hands, which helps your hands become softer.
However, you need use fresh milk to moisturize your skin after washing your hands by salt to avoid being dry. You can also use sugar or coffee powder to replace salt. The sugar also has the advantage that not make your hands hurt in case there is open wound in your hands.

2. Tomato
Dip your hands with smell of onion into the tomato juice bowl in about 5 minutes. Then wash your hands with soap. Tomatoes can "blown" onion smell

3. Lemon
Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice in bowl and soak your "smell” hands in the lemon juice in 3 minutes. Vinegar or mouthwash is the alternative when you do not have the lemon.

4. Peanut butter
Use a little peanut butter and then rub your hands Wash them with soap. Peanut butter will make you feel slippery, but they will still eliminate onion and help moisturize your hands. If you do not have peanut butter, you can use toothpaste.

5. Orange
Peeling a big orange, sliced ​​orange and rub into both hands for about 2 minutes then wash your hands with water. You can repeat until the smell of onion disappears. After cleaning, your hands will quite pleasant with orange essential oil.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help the child has eating vegetable early

If you want your child to like vegetable, you should begin early. The mum can shape the eating vegetable habit for the baby during the pregnancy. In other words, what the mother ate during pregnancy will shape up the child's food preferences in the future. In the uterus, the baby was wrapped by the amniotic fluid; bringing the taste of the food that mom ate. Food such as vanilla, carrot, garlic, mint - are some of flavors which were proven to be transmitted to the amniotic fluid or breast milk. In the amniotic fluid, the baby will get used to things that smell of vegetables, gradual memory and form the habit. For example, pregnant women eat cauliflower also means that most likely your baby will like cauliflower than other children that their mother had never tried this food. The use of a variety of foods before and after birth helps the baby be able to accept a wider food spectrum. This may explain why children in some countries with varied menus can eat more food. The lesson is that: If you want your child to eat healthy and diverse, let the children exposed to these foods as soon as possible. Please read:

Monday, September 5, 2011

The secrets keeping hands young forever

Thu truth is that the hands skin is thinner the facial skin. Therefore, you need takecare the skin of this area more and more, especially, when you contact with cosmetics, smoke, dust and sunlight. Let's learn to take care of hands to make them always fresh and soft.

1. Exfoliation for hands
As the face or any skin areas in the body, the hands skin also has dead skin need to be removed. You can use exfoliation cream to clean this area, or simply use mixture of sugar and coconut oil on skin, massage gently and clean with warm water for soft skin. You can also rub lemon juice mixed with a little water on the hands and clean with warm water so that lemon juice gently exfoliates the skin.

2. Use cream 
Do not regret to invest amount of money to buy a special cream for your hands. Hand and facial skin is different so you should not use the same cream.When you buy, pay attention to moisturizer cream with integrate SPF  sunscreen 15 so that the skin is well protected.
Even in winter, you should use lotion every day for your hand always smooth, avoid cracked, bleeding.

3. Use the gloves
We need gloves for your hands in winter only? If you think in that way, your hands will be rough. Buying gloves for washing and washing dishes is necessary. The chemicals will "destroy" mercilessly your hands!

4. Limit paint nail 
For many girls, the nail for more personality has become so familiar. However, you should limit paint your nail to have a strong one. After you remove old paint on the nails, you should let it natural at least 2 day to have time to recover.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 types of food loose weight efficiently in autumn

The following 6 types of food are very helpful in removing residuals, especially fat in body. From now on you should refer to know what kind of fruit can help you have a well proportioned body in autumn.

1. Seaweed
Beside rich in Vitamin A, B1 and B2, Seaweed also contains large amount amounts of fibrous matter and many other minerals which help the body excrete the waste substance. Thus, the fall is a great time for you to use the seaweed soup to lose weight to have a well proportioned body in autumn.

Contains vitamin that is good for the body. Especially, papaya contains enzyme which is helpful for digestion and digests high protein food more easily (For example the high protein from meat). Therefore, it is the best way to choose papaya as product to loose weight effectively in autumn.

3.Red Beans 
Red Beans is extremely rich in nutrients, including many minerals and vitamins. Moreover, the red beans has high levels of vitamin B, which can increase large intestine peristalsis; very good for urinary tract and relieve constipation; help the body eliminate the residue and reduce the relative large amount of fat in body.

Tea is considered one of the great losing weight products. In particular this is the product to loose weight effectively in the fall. After the meal, you drink a cup of tea to remove the fat in the diet, which consume relatively large amounts of energy.

5. Bananas 
Although bananas have high calories but contain less fat, rich kali. Eat more bananas good for digestion; reduce fat accumulation in the body. Generally, banana is the ideal fruit help you to loose weight in autumn.

Apple is a magic pill for your beauty, which help you lose weight very efficient.  Apples contain malic acid that can accelerate the metabolism and reduce fat in body. Also, apple contains more calcium than other fruits and can reduce the amount of salt helps the body to prevent swelling. In autumn, you can consider the apple is useful fruit to loose weight.

8 simple ways for breast cancer prevention

Approximately 30% of cases getting breast cancer are suspected due to obesity. Meanwhile, a regular walking about 12 minutes a day can help you reduce the risk of getting the disease by 18%.
The Sun offers some suggestions to help you reduce the risk of getting breast cancer as follows:

1. Eating less red meat
According to a research conducted by Harvard Medicine University (America) with over 90.000 female, women who eat much red meat have double high risk to get the breast cancer. The red meat contains amino acid that stimulates the insulin content, whereas high content of insulin in blood relates to the breast cancer

The processed meats such as ham and hotdog also have connection with this disease because they contain sodium salt that can cause the cancer

2. Giving birth before the age of 30
Women, who have no children or give the first baby after the age of 30, get high risk of the breast cancer. Experts believe that giving birth relates to this disease because it reduces number of the menstrual cycles in the lifetime of women.
Professor Dame Valerie Beral, used to do the research on the breast cancer, said that: “I have already understood why so many people died because of this disease. We all know the main reasons are giving birth or having no children.

3. Regular walking
Many scientists had already confirmed the effect of walking on the women’s health. In addition, this simple kind of exercise is very useful in preventing the breast cancer. However, the experts do not come into agreement on how much time is enough.
A research indicated that fast walking in one or two hours per week can reduce 18% of the risk of getting the disease. If you walk about 10 hours per week, it will bring more effectiveness.

4. Olive oil
Your dinner with a little olive oil can help prevent the cancer. The Spanish researchers realized that olive oil can attack the ulcers, limit the development of them and protect AND. Doctor Eduard Escrich, the leader of the research said that 10 spoons of pure olive oil every day can give effectiveness.

5. Losing weight
Approximately 30% of cases getting breast cancer are suspected due to obesity. Among 45.000 breast cancer cases diagnosed in England every year, the experts of the International Cancer Research Institution believe that more than 14.000 women will not get this disease if they lose weight.
Doctor Rachel Thompson, the World Cancer Research Fund, said that: “women can prevent the disease by doing exercise regularly and eat less fat.

6. Breastfeeding
Some researches showed that the breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially, if the women give breastfeeding from 18 months to 2 years. Because it reduces number of the menstrual cycles in the lifetime of women.

7. No wine.
Wine has a high risk leading to the breast cancer. Only drinking a cup of wine also increases the risk of getting the disease. Women who drink more, the risk of getting disease is about 1.5 times higher than those who not drink wine.
Researchers in Italy also indicated that the survival rate of the patients with breast cancer without drinking wine is 90%, but it will decrease down to only 65% if women drink a cup of wine per day.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eating grapes at the early autumn is helpful for your health

In fruits, grape is one kind of fruit that we should eat when the autumn comes especially for woman. It helps the body less tired and removes the toxin inside.
When the body has undergone an extremely hot summer, the toxic accumulated in the body is high that make the body tired and drowsiness. Therefore, grape is the ideal fruit to eat more at the early autumn. It is diuretic and if you know how to eat it can eliminate the toxin, cooling the body.

Grape contain one kind of sugar that the body easily to absorb so eating grapes may help reduce symptoms of low blood sugar.

Grape also contains flavonoid, a powerful antioxidant, anti-fallen effect. In addition, the grape is actually a very good for anti-cancer, so everyone should eat more fruit, especially women, it can make them younger.
There are many types of grapes: red grapes, green, black, purple.... And each different color has private nutrients characteristic.
Purple grape is rich of anthocyanin which is considered as natural cosmetic against the aging process coming soon. Black grape is particularly good for the hair; it can make the hair shiny black and smooth.
Red grapes containing the enzyme which can soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent blood clots, it is beneficial for cardiac patients.
Green grape has cooling, antipyretic effect.
White grape is suitable for those who have coughs, respiratory disease, and smoker.
Nutritionists recommend that you should eat grape with skin and seed because even in the skin also contain a lot of nutrition ingredients.
When the body is tired, eating a glass of grape juice, your mood will be changed.

Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Buy Tickets Online

If you are likely to trade from an online ticket websites, it does not get a great deal digging to realize that the same tickets can be found on 100's of different websites. This does not mean that the ticket is not sole, fairly the contrary. Understanding how the ticket broker connections works is fairly simple. Each agent who buys and sells tickets to an event whether sports, concerts or theater has to have a place to list their tickets, while receiving the majority contact to the customers. So a bulk of brokers list their tickets in a hub which is then broadcasted over every of the approximate 1000 ticket websites. Moreover, each broker's website has the discretion to increase or decrease the list price of those tickets on their individual website. This and the Service fees are the major way brokers create their money.
For a lot of years, before I became a broker I had bought tickets on the secondary ticket market (STM) nearly exclusively, and over years I had bought from 25 agent sites. Similar to a lot of us who use the STM for their ticket demand also do so to get the seat locations they want and are eager to pay the mark up. I realized the service fee as a cost of commerce fee for ideal ticket.

Except one day I received my tickets and there was a note attached to the invoice, it noted that “you could have saved on the fee if you bought from broker's site", I checked out brokers site and realized that he had no fees attached to his tickets. Only those exacting tickets I purchased were cheaper on his site then the other sites which told me particular tickets are owned by that broker and that he marked up the other broker's tickets on his site.

Tip #1: The proprietor of a particular website's tickets will usually be cheaper than that on the other agent sites. They can be noticeable by means of a sign and located primary on the label list sheet for that event.

Tip # 2: Make comparison between the "No charge and Charging" sites at the checkout screen. This determination inform you if you are actually receiving a contract by means of the no fee site or are the tickets marked up to recompense for the no fee offer?

Tip #3: Find 3-5 trusted agent sites to make a comparison the tickets, which you used to buy in the past. Remember even a site is healthy recognized does not mea that it is credible. Keep in mind that most of these tickets are on all sites because they are plugged into the similar network hub. So the ticket is sole just sold at a dissimilar price.
Tip #4: Contact the agent many do not accuse fees if you contact them personally.

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