Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips for eliminating the smell of onion in hands

After every time cooking, the smell of onion often sticks in your hands and make you uncomfortable. 5 things in your kitchen can eliminate the smell of onion quickly.

1. Salt
Put a tablespoon of salt into your palm and then add a little water. Use this mixture to rub hands and then wash your hands with water. Salt not only helps eliminate onion, but also has effect of exfoliating dead skin for beautiful hands, which helps your hands become softer.
However, you need use fresh milk to moisturize your skin after washing your hands by salt to avoid being dry. You can also use sugar or coffee powder to replace salt. The sugar also has the advantage that not make your hands hurt in case there is open wound in your hands.

2. Tomato
Dip your hands with smell of onion into the tomato juice bowl in about 5 minutes. Then wash your hands with soap. Tomatoes can "blown" onion smell

3. Lemon
Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice in bowl and soak your "smell” hands in the lemon juice in 3 minutes. Vinegar or mouthwash is the alternative when you do not have the lemon.

4. Peanut butter
Use a little peanut butter and then rub your hands Wash them with soap. Peanut butter will make you feel slippery, but they will still eliminate onion and help moisturize your hands. If you do not have peanut butter, you can use toothpaste.

5. Orange
Peeling a big orange, sliced ​​orange and rub into both hands for about 2 minutes then wash your hands with water. You can repeat until the smell of onion disappears. After cleaning, your hands will quite pleasant with orange essential oil.

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