Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help the child has eating vegetable early

If you want your child to like vegetable, you should begin early. The mum can shape the eating vegetable habit for the baby during the pregnancy. In other words, what the mother ate during pregnancy will shape up the child's food preferences in the future. In the uterus, the baby was wrapped by the amniotic fluid; bringing the taste of the food that mom ate. Food such as vanilla, carrot, garlic, mint - are some of flavors which were proven to be transmitted to the amniotic fluid or breast milk. In the amniotic fluid, the baby will get used to things that smell of vegetables, gradual memory and form the habit. For example, pregnant women eat cauliflower also means that most likely your baby will like cauliflower than other children that their mother had never tried this food. The use of a variety of foods before and after birth helps the baby be able to accept a wider food spectrum. This may explain why children in some countries with varied menus can eat more food. The lesson is that: If you want your child to eat healthy and diverse, let the children exposed to these foods as soon as possible. Please read: http://sabeenalinda.blogspot.com/2011/08/6-types-of-food-loose-weight.html

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